Launched in 2015 – a year that marked:

  • 10 years since the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
  • 25 years since Mandela’s release
  • 60 years since Rosa Parks sat down
  • 800 years since Magna Carta
Make Apartheid History is a follow-up to Bethlehem Unwrapped. A group of artists built a full-scale replica section of Israel’s apartheid wall in central London, revealed on Christmas Eve 2013 in front of one of the UK’s most famous churches. Thirty thousand people visited the Wall installation. The Wall and the accompanying Bethlehem Unwrapped festival (music, dance, poetry, film comedy, cuisine, debate) received global media coverage, reaching a worldwide audience of millions via social media.
Following this success, the lead producers of Bethlehem Unwrapped together with new partners in the UK and Palestine have launched an ambitious programme of events that commenced in July 2015 under the banner Make Apartheid History.
Our mission: to honour Mandela Day with actions that:
  • Alert the world to an ongoing system of apartheid oppressing the Palestinian people
  • Strengthen solidarity between artists, activists and civil rights movements around the world
  • Inspire people to take action to ensure the full recognition, exercise and enjoyment of fundamental human rights and freedoms for all.