TNI State of Power 2021: Coercive World


State of Power 2021: Coercive World (

To Make Apartheid History means dismantling the structures of the state which oppress and separate. TNI’s ‘Coercive World‘ is a brilliant resource on the all pervasive – and very well funded – presence of military, security, police and prison power across society.

And in light of the latest hammering of the Palestinian people – unbelievably in the midst of a pandemic – by the full might of the Israeli armed forces, the project took a specific look at Israel.

Because what is not widely known is that the brutal violence of the bombing of Gaza and the constant harassment and dispossession of Palestinians is not only at the heart of Israel’s occupation, it is also shaping the coercive dimensions of states everywhere, exporting the politics and methodology of occupation to other countries and regimes.

So, after decades of refining the ‘art’ of occupation, land grab, containment and apartheid policies, it’s not surprising that Israel’s occupation of Palestine has become highly lucrative and so enmeshed in its wider economy, it’s hard to see where one begins and the other ends.

People like to buy things that have been tested. If Israel sells weapons, they have been tested, tried out. We can say we’ve used this for 10 years, 15 years.” (Former Israeli defense minister, Benjamin Ben Eliezer)

  • Israel is the fifth largest military spender in the world in terms of share of GDP
  • But relative to its size, Israel has consistently been the world’s top arms seller
  • 80 percent of Israeli military production is exported. Weapons make up 25 percent of Israel’s total industrial exports
  • Since Israel’s 2008 Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, Israel has exported arms to more than 65 countries in the world

One has to be left asking: what is Israel’s economy without the occupation?

And with whose support is this all made possible?

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TNI infographic research was undertaken by Transform Defence.  

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