Israel’s global military and security reach

Jeff Halper

Founder Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

Author of War Against the People, Pluto Press 2015

Talks about Israel: A regional military power with ever and increasing global reach

Summer 2016

  1. How embedding security and military ‘niche-filling’  permits ongoing occupation and delivers Israel global influence
  2. Palestine: an occupied nation turned into a ‘military-security testing laboratory’
  3. Israel: NATO, The EU, ‘HORIZON 2020’ and convenient ‘Dual-Use’
  4. Militarism and the pacification of peoples worldwide
  5. Without context you can’t see the big picture
  6. The business of military spending




Balfour Declaration – 100 Years of Settler Colonialism

In 2017, we marked the centenary of 1917 Balfour Declaration. It was to usher in 100 years of settler colonialism. The parallels between the apartheid nature of Israel and South Africa – both settler colonial projects in their origins – are clear. Palestinian campaigners have long condemned the Balfour Declaration as a pledge issued by a British government that gave away land it did not own. In 2017 the British Government rejected a Palestinian request for an apology over the 1917 Balfour Declaration. Instead, it celebrated the centenary.

Mark Thomas

Comedian and writer Mark Thomas reads a short extract from his book ‘Walking the Wall.’

This video is made with funding partly from Trust Greenbelt

On Mandela Day

Make Apartheid History launched on Mandela Day, one year ago. We’re marking this Mandela Day July 18th, by sharing a short video compilation of the highlights of our first year’s activity.

Make Apartheid History is an international project that brings together creative individuals, organisations and networks from around the world – starting with Palestine and the UK; South Africa and USA – for a programme of popular events connecting civil rights, anti-apartheid and Palestinian solidarity movements which commenced summer 2015. It supports Palestinian civil society calls for BDS

We thank all those artists and campaigners who have supported our activity to date – from Palestine and the UK, USA and South Africa.

This video is made with funding partly from Trust Greenbelt


From South Africa to Israel

Ronnie Kasrils, South African politician and former ANC Minister for Intelligence, talks to Make Apartheid History about South Africa and Israel as an apartheid state. (Short version)

Israel & Apartheid

Jeff Halper, co-founder and director of ICAHD (the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions) discusses Israeli apartheid. (Short version)

Gaza The Girl/The Scream

Brian Eno reads The Girl/The Scream (2006) by Mahmoud Darwish, a poem set in Gaza.  Brian Eno is one of more than 1,000 signatories to the Artists for Palestine pledge which calls on artists to support a cultural boycott Israel until it complies with international law and universal principles of human rights.’